PSOproud for professional pet sitters

PSOproud is a movement within the professional pet care industry
that will increase our visibility and improve its reputation!

Quickly become the most sought-after pet professional in your community
and HAVE A SAY in the direction of your industry!

Personal Growth and Professional Development

Better You

Doing what you love most is no easy task. It requires focus on both personal growth and professional training and development.

#PSOproud will challenge, inspire, and motivate you to become the best version of yourself, allowing your business to soar to new heights.

Accountability and Mentoring via Community & Forums

Better Business

Our extensive user profiles (for member eyes only) allow you to forge deep, personal, and meaningful relationships in a safe and nurturing environment.

The community forums provide the training, tools, and resources for every aspect of your personal life and professional business.

Become #PSOproud.
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Better Industry

Membership is by application only. This assures that our community is the right fit for you. You also must get the sponsorship of one current member.

#PSOproud is your place for everything you feel is currently missing from our beloved professional industry. Apply Today!

Personal Growth

  • Learn new skills to advance your career
  • Gain the confidence needed to grow
  • Feel empowered and in control
  • Find meaning and purpose in your life
  • Set and reach your biggest goal
  • All in a safe and supportive environment!

Business Success

  • Blogging Workshops
  • Member Website Assessments
  • Ongoing Library of 40+ Video Sessions
  • SEO and Google Rankings Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Game Plan
  • Your most pressing business challenges addressed!

Industry Mastermind

  • Be part of a movement
  • Lead an industry forward
  • Define your own future
  • Set industry standards and best practices
  • Help set what it means to be a professional
  • Leave a legacy!

Our Passion, Strength, and Commitment Shine Bright

We Are #PSOproud

The professional pet care industry is changing. And we must adapt with it in order to grow and succeed. Your community of human and pet clients rely on you to be there for them as the knowledgeable and educated resource.

#PSOproud will allow you to become the most sought after professional in your community with a strong focus on personal growth and professional development. Whatever you feel has been missing from our beloved industry will be our priority.  Apply to become #PSOproud today!


This is What We Stand For

PSOproud one sheet manifesto

The Reasons To Become PSOproud

#PSOproud is your place to set a plan, remain accountable, discover new strengths, celebrate your WINS, learn from your struggles, and network with others in a safe and nurturing environment.

It's your place to be part of a thriving movement desperately needed in our professional industry.

If you have ever thought, "If only our industry could do..." or "It would be perfect for our industry to..." or "I wish our industry would..." This place is for you.


Members are allowed to display the official #PSOproud Manifesto on their website, social media profiles, and in paper form.

Wear It Proudly (coming soon)

sit proudly
walk proudly tee
train proudly tee

“We must connect with people.  It is scary.  But that’s where the magic happens!”

In his opening remarks at the 5th Annual Pet Care Conference Josh acknowledges the truth about living in a world where we long for social interaction and connection, and the utter fear that often prevents us from doing so.

How do you overcome this obstacle?  It all begins with a look inward. If you are ready, willing, and able to take personal inventory and accountability and begin to focus on yourself for the benefit of your business, industry, and life, this place is for YOU!